Artist bio

Bri Nicole

Bri Nicole is a singer-songwriter, visual artist, and poet based in NYC. Several years ago, Bri's love of poetry collided with her passion for music and she began to create original songs that blended lyrical depth with haunting melodies.

She embraces her unique voice and draws inspiration from artists with distinctive sounds and poetic lyrics, such as Lacey Sturm, Paramore, Twenty One Pilots, and Gin Wigmore.

Bri believes music is meant to be felt, not just heard. Her songs are infused with raw emotion and honest themes, such as mental health, personal battles, and social issues. She writes with the intention of bringing awareness to the unspoken and socially-avoided topics that are universally relatable.

She hopes that her music will resonate with her listeners and inspire them to embrace their own personal journeys.

Bri's debut single, "End of the World", is now available for streaming and purchase!